Pilot your portfolio.

With About Innovation, support the evolution of your intellectual property assets from creation to valorization.

Anticipate, analyze and manage your portfolio

Manage your portfolio with your employees, from the invention submission to the portfolio review in real time

Prenez les bonnes décisions stratégiques

The dashboard provides an overview of your company and its subsidiaries through graphs, by asset type, location, technology, etc.


Monitor your filing processes during the validation workflow from invention submission to priority filing.

data export

Export your portfolio data and graphs to build custom reports.

Accelerate the development of your assets

For each asset, follow the protection procedure with a roadmap divided into tasks. We propose you to customize the task manager by integrating the internal process of your company, you will then decide the steps of the roadmap of your assets.

See in detail the customization.


Task validation

Make progress in your roadmap by validating tasks as you go along.

Add contributors

Easily invite contributors to collaborate on a specific task.

Add a deadline

Set a deadline on a task to get a reminder at the desired time.

Add documents

Add different versions of a document or invoice within a task.

Générez vos contrats en quelques minutes

About Innovation allows you to dematerialize the production of intellectual property contracts. The module offers you about ten document templates. Simply fill in the data and the contract is created automatically.


Each generated contract is attached to an asset. Keep track of your contract history.

Electronic Signature

To continue the dematerialization of the contract, request the electronic signature with the parties.

Streamline your disclosure process

Capture the R&D activity of your engineers and inventors at the beginning of the innovation cycle to effectively protect their creative production. Integrate our technology solution to bring together the R&D and legal departments. Because About Innovation is hosted in the cloud, your inventors can declare an invention anywhere and anytime.


The technical evaluation proposes returns and corrections to the inventor’s initial declaration in order to resubmit it. 


Integrate your company’s validation workflows with each interlocutor.  

Discover the other features

Everything you need to modernize your intellectual property management


Import your data automatically and group your documents and contracts.



Manage your assets throughout their life cycle and make the right decisions. 



Customize your interface according to the evolution of your company. 


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