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By using our modern and secure solution, you ensure that you import and centralize your data and have traceability of your documents and contracts.

No more Excel files and endless email loops

Keep and organize all your intellectual property assets and documents in one secure and accessible location worldwide.
Take back control of your intellectual property
On your assets

Group your various assets such as inventions, patents, trademarks, copyrights or partnerships.

On your documents and contracts

Link your documents and contracts to your assets. Find an item very quickly through the advanced search.

Import your portfolio

Data import is probably the most common issue in intellectual property software. We have implemented advanced technologies to ensure that none of our customers are blocked. About Innovation is connected to all global IP global databases. This allows us to retrieve the data of any published asset from its identification number.

Import by SIREN

Import your company’s assets from the SIREN number.

Patent import

Import your patent data from their identification number.

Trademarkd import

Import your trademark data from their identification number.

Import by file

Import your assets from an existing database.
Manage your budget without unpleasant surprises
one task per invoice
invoice validation
Organize your documents
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Import your data automatically and group your documents and contracts.



Manage your assets throughout their life cycle and make the right decisions.



Customize your interface according to the evolution of your company.


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