A collaborative system for building and managing IP portfolio

About Innovation supports you in the construction of your IP strategy by providing you with a central solution for all stakeholders. Together build, manage and develop your IP assets.

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Awesome Features

All the features you need

An intuitive cloud-based IP  management solution that fits every company sizes

Collaborative platform

Pool and generate IP assets on a unique and collaborative platform operated by a very intuitive interface. Patents, trademarks, domain names, designs, know-how and copyrights…

Organization set up

Replicate easily your organization and your processes in the platform and assign the IP assets as needed.


Customize your workflows. Assign and automate interactive tasks. Monitor progress. From ideation to valorisation keep all stakeholders engaged in the asset creation process.


Define stakeholders, assign tasks, rights and duties. IP managers, technical and marketing managers, inventors and lawyers collaborate online. External providers may have limited access to the platform.

User controls

Give limited or full access to all contributors: inventors, technical directors or IP managers.

Data synchronization

Patents and trademarks are automatically synchronized and updated with the national offices data, through Questel’s content.

Semantic search

Use Questel’s integrated semantic tool to automatically retrieve relevant patents based on the description of the invention.

Document tracking

Load and keep track of all documents related to each asset. Generate new documents online. There is no limit to the volume.

Asset review

On a regular basis, assess your assets using your own metrics. Keep a history of the reviews.

Budget monitoring

Load invoices for each asset. Check all costs thanks to the automatic cost calculation. Monitor in real time forecasted budget vs actual costs. External providers can upload invoices and documents on the platform.

Time tracking

Track time and timesheets by IP projects. Generate new savings with CIR (Innovation tax return).

Contract management

Import your contract library. Generate, negotiate and sign contracts online. Link the contracts to the assets. Extract critical data from the contracts and set alerts: deadline, duration, scope and business partners…

Blockchain online

Create proof of ownership, existence and timestamp on any documents, protect trade secrets, trademark proof of use, consecutive versions of invention memory.

Automatic report

Get full control over your IP portfolio and all related information, at all time, for any urgent requests. Customize and automate dashboards, reports, screens, fields, access levels and more, in a very quick and easy way.

Security and Confidentiality

Because the security of data and employees is a priority, more than 20 security rules have been implemented.

"The About Innovation platform provides easy access both internally and for our customers, who can now access all documents relating to their trademarks with a single click. Trademark life alerts are a very practical tool for effective monitoring of lead times."
Camille Noailles
IP Lawyer
"About Innovation provides intellectual property teams with a complete, easy-to-use and visual tool for managing their assets. It also helps to raise awareness of the strategic importance of intellectual property in an organization by facilitating communication both to management and to operational teams. »
Laurence Joly
Ex Director of the Intellectual Property Observatory - INPI
The About Innovation tool is a valuable tool in the management of our clients' intellectual property assets. We use it daily in order to keep an active watch on our clients' trademark applications. The About Innovation tool also allows our firm to optimize the services provided to our clients and to offer a real secure filing service.
Coralline Manier
IP Lawyer

Leverage your IP data to make better decisions

Benefit from the in-depth analysis of your data to improve the development of your portfolio, finances and strategy.

Use powerful features according to your business needs

Your IP management tool becomes a central toolbox for your daily tasks, saving you time

Security and confidentiality

Be safe

At About Innovation, keeping your data secure is our  priority and we work hard to protect your company.

Cloud or on premise
Your data always backed up
Servers at the top of security
Your data stored in Europe
Ultra-secure encryption
Customer service at your disposal

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We offer you the costs of migrating data from your existing solution or from an excel

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